In a plastic mold production company, the company culture allows the team to gather together for the same goal, and also enhances the team's philosophy. If an injection mold company wants to improve the quality of its products, he must enhance the quality awareness and work philosophy of the entire team. To achieve this goal, company culture is an extremely important factor. For example, the slogan of our Arnold Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd. is "Become the No. 1 in the industry"; the slogan of Sinoba Mould is "to provide customers with a better solution"; and the core culture of the entire Sinoba Group is "responsibility".

   1. Sinoba’s core concept-responsibility

   Interpretation: The so-called responsibility refers to the individual’s awareness, feelings and beliefs about himself and others, the family and the collective, the state and society, and the corresponding conscious attitude of observing the norms, assuming responsibility and fulfilling obligations. As Xinuoba people, we should bear in mind "responsibility", enhance self-worth, join hands to create the Xinuoba industry empire, and truly return to society.

   2. Business philosophy-Responsible for customers, employees, and society, continuous innovation, and pursuit of excellence.

  Sinoba people have always been adhering to the belief of "responsible to customers, responsible to employees, and responsible to society", with scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for sustainable development, constantly pursuing and creating excellence.

   3. Management concept-responsibility runs through, quality comes from responsibility.

   "Responsibility" is like a long line that runs through everyone and every process of our Sinoba. From order placement to production to shipment to after-sales, our managers always adhere to the attitude of "responsible to ourselves, to others, to collectives, and to society" to manage our team and produce high-quality products. , To provide high-quality services and make unremitting efforts.

   4. Talent concept-treat colleagues well, be virtuous

   "Be kind to colleagues, virtue and ability" is the usual talent concept of Sinoba. We always insist on treating every Sinoba member with a fair and just competitive environment. "Xianneng" has always been our most powerful capital for creating Sinoba, and we will provide it with the broadest development space.

   5. Sinoba spirit-seize all possibilities and realize self-worth.

  Take every opportunity to promote success and avoid slipping away in your own hands. This requires us Sinoba people to be responsible to themselves and others when they are doing things and doing things. Only in this way can our personal values be best reflected.

   6. Sinoba Safety Concept

   Keep production in mind, and preventive actions take action every day.

  ——There is only one life, so please pay attention to safety.

  ——Safe operation, safe production is the responsibility to oneself, the family, and the company.

   7. Quality concept

  ——Quality is the life of Sinoba, and it is the foundation for Sinoba to make great progress.

  ——As Xinuoba people, we have to do every detail well. Only by doing every detail well can we guarantee the quality of our products, and be responsible to our society and our customers.

  ——As the people of Sinoba, we must defend the quality of Sinoba, and let the word "Sinoba" be synonymous with "quality".

  ——Quality is an eternal truth pursued by an enterprise. A Sinoba with a high quality concept, a Sinoba with a sense of accomplishment, is definitely an outstanding and highly responsible manager.

  ——All according to the standard, let the standard become a habit and become a reference in the whole process.

  ——Our work should be carried out with quality as the core. Our actions must be centered on quality.

—— As a Sinoba, I hereby swear that I will do my utmost to manage the quality of products, to be a person who is highly responsible to colleagues, organizations, society, and this is also to myself Responsible.

   is proud of paying attention to quality, not ashamed of not paying attention to quality, everyone cares about quality, and everyone pays attention to quality.

   8. Marketing concept

  We sell not just a machine or a mold, but a perfect solution.

  ——We want to sell our Sinoba concept to customers.

  —— Performance is the last word.

  ——We can’t ignore any of our customers because of our current good results. We must know that we can make a big difference.

   9. Business cooperation concept

  Friendship, equality, mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

   10. The style of Sinoba——Eight

   Don't let things delay in my hands, let work stop in my hands

   Don't let files backlog in my hands, don't let errors happen in my hands

   Don't let colleagues be left out by me, don't let waste start with me

  Do not let customers lose in my hands, and do not let the company's image be damaged by me

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