What kind of equipment is needed to produce disposable masks?


What kind of equipment is needed to produce disposable masks?


The deterioration of the environment makes the mask market more and more hot, and also drives the development of the mask machine equipment industry. Then, what is the process needed to produce disposable masks and what kind of ultrasonic equipment should be purchased? We and you briefly talk about the production process of disposable mask machine equipment, so that we can clearly understand the production of a flat mask, what kind of equipment is needed.

Although disposable masks look simple, the actual production process is not simple at all. Different requirements require different products and equipment, so the price will vary. Therefore, we need to select different products according to our actual situation when purchasing equipment. Mask automation equipment

Ultrasonic one-out-three and one-out-two are fully automatic mask equipment, which can produce finished products at one time with relatively high efficiency and relatively few operators. But the cost of equipment is relatively high. Ultrasonic machine machine also called ontology, as the name implies, is the mask frame parts, did not include some ear machine, so you need to finished product, still need to match a point machine, so need operation of this equipment is more, but the cost of the equipment compared with a finish the mask equipment to relatively favourable price.

In addition, we also need to know what kind of technology, what kind of specific, need to pay attention to what kind of performance masks. Always, in addition to the total cost, the purchase of mask machine equipment should also consider the market demand and other aspects of the small details.

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