Note of mask packaging machine


Note of mask packaging machine

1. Stability of mask packaging machine

This should be a problem that customers need to consider when they choose mask packaging machine. Of course, there is no technical problem of how to choose. Customers need to test more machines when they choose, because the machines do not run for a long time with great strength at the manufacturer, which cannot reflect the stability of the machines.

2. Speed requirement of mask packaging machine

Packaging speed is a very important standard for customers when choosing mask packaging machine. When customers decide the expected output, they also decide the speed of mask packaging machine. After all, customers are mainly based on production capacity, because the packaging mode of mask packaging machine in the market determines the packaging speed. At the same time, the speed of the mask packaging machine is also related to the size of the packaging material and the added components;

3. Scalability of mask packaging machine

This is for the customer for the future planning and products to the diversity of development, many customers early may due to constraints such as capital and scale will choose some low-end equipment, such as general motors or variable frequency electric power machine, but the future is the development of unmanned and automation of the factory, it needs to in the purchase of equipment as far as possible choose some side servo machines and relative size and strength strong machine manufacturers, if mask packaging machine manufacturers of weaker or research and development ability is not enough, the model did not change and upgrade for many years, Then customers should not expect their machines to be too much improved on the original basis;

4. Operability and safety of mask packaging machine

Because of the mask packing machine operators also need to adjust and install the rollers, etc., including the different packing material in the machine Settings and adjustment, which requires the mask packaging machine on the work, the easier it is as simple as possible, so that we can save time, also do not need to training the operating personnel, can save a lot of manpower material resources, production safety is every company advocates, for the safety of operating personnel, mask packing machine should do some protection.

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