How to reduce the failure rate of mask machine?


How to reduce the failure rate of mask machine?

Mask machine is a kind of advanced mechanical control system, PLC programming control material to the mechanical one-time completed, in the overall production process, only need to complete the operation, the feed this belongs to a kind of automatic production mode, and in the process of its production masks failure is inevitable, how to reduce fault mask machine is a countermeasure. The following is the analysis of countermeasures to reduce the malfunction of mask machine:

First of all, to standardize the operation of staff, strictly implement the use of operating procedures, is to ensure the reliable machinery and equipment work and improve the service life of the important conditions, so strengthen the staff work standardization inspection. In addition, we will train operators to improve their professional quality and work level, and reduce or even eliminate equipment failures caused by improper operation of employees.

1. Reasonable maintenance: ensure timely maintenance, but do not overdo it. To achieve targeted maintenance, it is necessary to strengthen the spot inspection, spot inspection results analysis, failure cycle prediction.

2. Effective fault analysis

(1) Understand the structure of the equipment, the function of parts, as well as the operation method, maintenance method and other whole system.

(2) Carefully observe and record the appearance of the fault, and focus on the parts related to the fault and related parts around.

(3) Follow up the equipment structure, principle, failure phenomenon, etc., and make corresponding analysis and analysis.

(4) According to the analysis results, work out temporary emergency measures for equipment failure.

(5) Ask "five whys" to seek the real reasons and find long-term countermeasures, that is, preventive countermeasures, to solve the substantive problems of failures.

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